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Welcome to
Mangone's Garden Center - Your Local Garden Center for Over 75 Years!  We must be doing something right!

Welcome to Mangone's, the premier destination for all of your gardening needs. As a family-owned business with over 75 years of experience, we understand the importance of creating the perfect outdoor space. We have worked hard to earn our reputation. Our selection of plants and garden supplies is unparalleled, and our staff is knowledgeable and passionate about helping you achieve your gardening goals. Come visit us today and let us help you create the perfect garden and landscape for your home.

Our garden center offers a wide range of plants, flowers, and gardening supplies for every season. Whether you want to add some color to your garden with our beautiful flowers or grow your own produce with our seeds and tools, we have everything you need to get started and so much more! Visit us today and let us help you bring your garden dreams to life!  See our product and service overview on our Home Page and in our Seasonal Guide!

Our Story

Our multi-generational, family-owned business emerged in its current location at 1427 E. Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck in 1947, but there’s much more to this story.  On June 23, 1935, Anthony (Tony) Mangone, a descendant of Castrocielo, Italy married Josephine (Jaye) Ricci of Lyndhurst, New Jersey.  They settled in a small town called Mamaroneck in Westchester County, NY. 

During the first two weeks of their marriage, Jaye spent time selling eggs out of their home for $.35 a dozen and tomatoes for $.10  a pound.  Tony, who was previously employed as a Junior Statistician for the firm Laddenberg & Thalmann on Wall Street, was working for the Mamaroneck Post Office as a mail carrier when “special delivery” packages cost $.09.  As starting a family became a priority, Tony traveled to a farm he rented in Armonk, NY where he farmed fresh vegetables on 38 acres of land for his wife to sell.  While Tony maintained his hectic work schedule, Jaye sold flats of flowers out of a small store they rented.  They also continued to sell fresh vegetables out of a small shack Tony built on the property where they lived until it was demolished by a reckless taxi driver.

It was around the time that World War II began and Tony took on additional work transporting war materials, plowing snow and cleaning factories.  At this time, they had two sons, Anthony Jr. (1936) and Carl (1939).  Jaye was now also raising chickens for eggs.

The couple continued with their tremendous work ethic and moved from home to home throughout Mamaroneck and in 1946, their third son, Rick was born.  Approximately eight months after Rick was born, they bought the property at the current location.  Tony eventually retired from the Post Office as a Superintendent after 34 years.


The older sons helped at the farmer’s market, but eventually would go on to pursue other careers.  Rick went to college with the expectation of leaving the family business having majored in marketing and accounting at Pace University; however, he eventually returned to the farmer’s market to help out his parents.  In 1973, Rick officially took over the business.


Rick married Patricia (Patti) in 1967 and they have two daughters, Lori and Shelley.  Shelley is married to Mike, who has been a permanent fixture at the garden center for over 35 years.  They have two children, Gianna and Michael.  Lori also has two children, Tava and Joey. Patti, the daughters, and all of the grandchildren, as well as other family members and friends, have worked at the garden center from time to time over the years.


While Tony focused more on produce and flowers, Rick diversified the business into a larger nursery and garden center.  The business continues to grow and expand today with the recent addition of the bakery (2023).

Meet Our Professionals

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Rick Mangone

Owner/Gardening Professional

Mike for Website.JPG

Mike Magrino

Director of Purchasing & Sales/Gardening Professional

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